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What is Beach Interior Design

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Beach interior design, also known as coastal or nautical design, is a style of decorating that aims to create a relaxed and breezy atmosphere reminiscent of a beachside retreat. It draws inspiration from the colors, textures, and natural elements found in coastal environments.

Here are some key features and elements commonly associated with beach interior design:

  1. Color Palette: Beach-inspired color palettes often include soft, neutral hues such as shades of white, beige, cream, and gray. Accents of blues, greens, and sandy tones are also commonly used to evoke the colors of the ocean, sky, and beach.

  2. Natural Materials: Emphasize natural materials like wood, rattan, wicker, and bamboo in furniture and decor choices. These materials add warmth and a casual, organic feel to the space.

  3. Light and Airy: Beach design favors light and airy interiors. This is achieved by maximizing natural light through large windows and using lightweight fabrics for window treatments to allow gentle breezes to flow through.

  4. Coastal Patterns: Incorporate patterns and motifs inspired by coastal elements, such as stripes, shells, coral, fish, or sailboats. These can be introduced through textiles, wallpapers, or artwork to bring a playful beach vibe.

  5. Nautical Accessories: Use nautical-themed accessories to enhance the coastal feel. These may include items like anchors, ropes, buoys, seashells, or driftwood, which can be displayed as wall art, incorporated into furniture or lighting designs, or used as decorative accents.

  6. Casual and Comfortable Furnishings: Opt for comfortable, relaxed furnishings with a casual vibe. Slipcovered sofas and chairs in natural fabrics like linen or cotton are popular choices. Incorporate plush cushions and throws in coastal colors for added comfort.

  7. Coastal Artwork and Decor: Hang beach-themed artwork, such as seascapes, coastal landscapes, or beach photography, on the walls. Decorative items like seashell collections, beachcomber finds, or framed nautical charts can also add a personal touch.

  8. Open and Flowing Layout: Beach interior design often embraces an open floor plan that allows for easy movement and a sense of spaciousness. This design concept creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas, reflecting the idea of beachside living.

Remember that beach interior design is versatile, and you can adapt it to suit your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a casual and rustic beach cottage aesthetic or a more refined coastal elegance, the key is to evoke a sense of relaxation and a connection to the coastal environment.


A simply styled Hamptons by the sea Living room with Coastal furniture - a driftwood side table with rattan baskets and soft blue grey cushions. A fine example of beach house interior design

Sse natural material such as willow and wood to decorate , shown her are our Casco Bay baskets and the driftwood blanket ladder

Resin faux coral for Hamptons styling in coastal chic homes and interiors

Pair your white furniture with natural elements commonly found in coastal settings. Incorporate accessories like driftwood, seashells, sisal rugs, or jute baskets to create a harmonious balance between the crispness of the white furniture and the organic textures of the coastal environment


The large Seaside cottage coffee table styled with the Berwick tray layered with coastal pieces including faux coral, shells and grasses




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