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The Luxury of a Dressing Table - Sit down and relax...............

Generally dressing tables are thought of as a luxury, a piece of furniture only for large grand bedrooms.

At the White Lighthouse we think it is a necessity that no girl should be without. With life being so fast and complicated a girl needs to take time for her to sit down, relax and pamper herself.

Dressing tables do generally take a lot of space so you may think you do not have enough room to accommodate them, but as a piece of furniture the white Daisy Range dressing table hide away clutter making the room look bigger and brighter, keeping your entire make up, hair essentials and important bits and pieces together in one place just where you need them.

The White Lighthouse has a white dressing table to match all types, styles and colours of bedroom.

The White Dressing Table Ranges can be seen at here


Luxury white bedroom with dressing table

New England white dressing table with knob handles

New England dressing table with drawers

>New England dressing table for a white bedroom

New England dressing table simply

New England dressing table with silver handles

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