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Lamp tables - The petite console tables

Interior design needs to perfectly blend functionality in with aesthetic charms, a console table can do this in a number of settings in a home whether this is as hallway furniture or living room furniture.

A console table or hallway table will act as a centre piece to display your home accessories whilst also giving the perfect platform for lamps to brighten up darker corners or fresh flowers to add a beautiful freshness to the area.

Console tables with drawers are an invaluable asset when trying to tidy unsightly everyday items such as car keys, letters and general every day clutter. By keeping these everyday items out of sight your living room or hallway will always look exactly how you first intended however with space at a premium it is not always possible to fit the traditional console table into your home, it is then when a lamp table replaces the console table, provide a petite version of a console table with a lamp table in your Hallway and create the same effect.


British Colonial grey lamp table

Bridgeport Grey console tables

Bridgeport grey lamp table

Coastal furniture for living room

Geometric side table

Coastal furniture for the living room

Coastal New England lamp table

White Gutler table for a white  living room


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